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msleamichele: Another amazing day at #glee! Always love hanging with these guys @chordoverstreet & @DarrenCriss :)

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brookelipton: Foam Party @MrRPMurphy @GwynethPaltrow @chriscolfer @DarrenCriss @iharryshum @MarkSalling @msleamichele @DiannaAgron

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Better Taste | Seblaine One-Shot


Title: Better Taste
Pairing: Blaine Anderson/Sebastian Smythe; past Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Words: 2238 Words
Rating: R
Summary: When Sebastian hears Kurt say that Blaine would have better taste than Sebastian and would never satisfy him, he has to prove Kurt wrong by pulling Blaine out on the dance floor and showing Kurt just what he’s missing.
Notes: Written for a prompt on the glee-kink-meme.

Also On: Livejournal  | ao3 | Fanfiction.net

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