@msleamichele: Decided to switch it up today and went for the #RedJuice! Don’t know how I feel about this yet lol

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Well, hello, Puberty!

superhero AU: teen Kurt Hummel changes into muscular crime fighter at night

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DarrenCriss: I love DC. And I’m not talking about myself.

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"The fact is the glue that holds high school friendships together is high school. Being around each other every day, seeing each other in the halls, whenever something is up we don’t have to do any work to talk to our friends about it, they’re right there. As soon as it takes effort, we get lazy and then we forget and then we just move on. I don’t want to fade away.”

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"I felt like I instantly joined a secret fraternity of amazing people." - Chord Overstreet

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favorite blaine outfits (season 5)

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